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Building the blocks of their mindset in a way players enjoy, helps grow resilience and peak performance in all areas of their life and game. The skill set needed to achieve each objective is exactly the same.
Get Real Institute brings interactive wellbeing training directly into your club to help find their best game, and their best life!


These Game Changers have been tested in over 60 schools and 350 sporting clubs every year, with a 98% success rate for over 13 years. This is worth their energy and your investment!


Young people are looking for change but are afraid. Instead of reaching out, they disengage. By offering these tools through the game they love, they can learn and engage without any of the barriers.


When change happens at all levels – it sticks! We help you maximize your coaching strategies, club culture and each individuals’ needs helping everyone thrive. For the first time this is now available at EVERY level of the Game.

These courses are for clubs that don’t want to settle for just “OK”. Instead, choose the
best wellbeing support for your young players.



How to overcome stress, anxiety, bullying, and bad experiences.

How to manage behaviour challenges, motivation dips, feeling off track and down.

Overcoming poor performance and get in peak state.

PLUS Helping coaches and teams better manage, prevent and respond to crisis and bring out the best in their team.



Our programs are fun, activity based, and impactful! We use ‘Tackle Your Mindset’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Fitness Training, and Mindset and Resilience Training, to make learning memorable and engaging.

With ‘Train the Trainer’ modules, videos and resources for each online course, you are empowered to effortlessly deliver these skills directly to your players in-house.

Our results are proven! Get Real and our charity, ALIVE, work with over 9000 students in 60 schools and 350 sporting clubs across the country, supporting over 500 families and individuals each year.

Extensive SUPPORT for coaches, including:

  • Train the trainer instructional videos and presentations
  • A full year’s curriculum content
  • Scripts to walk your players through the excercises
  • Extra facilitators resources

It’s everything you need to run these workshops in your own club easily!

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