Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health Program + EAP

Get Real Institute’s corporate training program is brilliant for teams and businesses who want to support their staff’s wellbeing and leadership skills.

We offer corporate packages that include online access to the corporate track of Get Real Institute courses, as well as in-person training and Professional Development, including our Train the Trainer program for in-house Wellbeing staff.  Our Staff support packages include a Bespoke range of options with monthly Keynotes for your teams introducing a monthly Wellbeing Hack for staff to focus on through the month, weekly challenges, short video bites and exercises to deep dive into topics further through the month and referral pathways to our EAP Services.

This dynamic and engaging program gives participants the foundations in mental and emotional resilience, stress management, effective communication and empowered leadership.  Our EAP services are available without retainers or minimum employee numbers based on a PAYG system that allows for flexibility.  All counselling and coaching services are offered to your employees and their families through our Team of  mixed methodology clinicians inclusive of Psychology, counselling in person/online,  option of non-clinical support through Mixed Martial Art and sports-based mindset coaching, Equine Therapy and EAL, Art and music therapies and business coaching and mentoring.

Positive workplace and team culture = peak performance

Bring out THE BEST in your team and business!

Mental Health and Wellbeing Hacks to choose from:

  • Managing stress and balancing pressures   
  • Clear and effective Communication – clearly expressing expectations and boundaries
  • Support to achieve KPI’s and successful outcomes
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health first aid worked into operational practices. How to recognise and respond to Crisis.
  • Goal setting, action planning and setting SMART goals and plan for success
  • Decision making – how to make the tough calls in the moment and overcoming procrastination  
  • Motivational peaks and troughs and how to ride them
  • Setting workplace agreements of expectations that take the hard work out of operating practices
  • Teachable time management – how to create structured approach to daily tasks and systems including engagement with HR support before it’s a problem
  • Understanding personality profiles
  • Conflict resolution without losing assets
  • Leading with confidence and action taking

Who is your facilitator? Tamsyn Rose.

Tamsyn Rose has over 15 years experience in performance coaching and Leadership facilitation. Founder and CEO of two of Australia’s leading Mental Wellbeing organisations, Get Real International and ALIVE project, she not only has mastered the skills required for successful leadership she is on the leading edge of Wellbeing Education and Performance Psychology. With a practical and honest delivery that every participant can easily implement.

Every year Tamsyn coaches over 300 executives and managers reaching more than 12,000 employees. In addition to this through Get Real and ALIVE she works with over 153,000 students in 185 schools and 380 sporting clubs across Australia, and supports over 3500 families and individuals each year.

An internationally recognized expert in mental and emotional health, Tamsyn has been revolutionizing how we understand emotional resilience and empowerment and changed the way people live, engage and lead in their communities. Tamsyn is also a mother of three children, and her horse Apollo.

Our EAP Services are delivered by our team of Clinicians and Allied Health Professionals helping teams and organisations thrive for over 20 yrs.  All programs and support services are evidence-based and researched to ensure successful outcomes, with a creative and flexible delivery method that ensures enthusiastic engagement and success for all participants.  Services are available to support Organisational leadership teams, Individuals, Families and couples through challenging times or change.

Some of the organisations we work with:



Absolutely, the corporate track of courses is all ready for you and your team. Memberships start from as little as $50/person/month and EAP services start from $175 per session PAYG not fixed costs .

Absolutely, contact us today for a tailored quote for your Bespoke program and support services. 

Great! Get Real Institute courses can plug directly into your existing system. Contact us today to find out how.

Yes. Get Real Institute is a white label product. We’ve done all the hard work for you, and can customise a wellbeing and training platform to suit your business. Business spaces are limited, so contact us today for a quote and check availability.

Want to sponsor a local school or sporting club?

Ask us today how your business can positively impact thousands of young people in your local community! Gold and Rainbow Sponsorship includes wellbeing training for your staff! 

It’s win-win-win!

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